JECC Newsletter Pre-Launch Edition 1

JECC Newsletter Pre-Launch Edition 1 was sent to our carefully selected recipients. 

If you have not yet received the JECC Newsletter here is the link.
The Newsletter contains a link to our questionnaire with which you can help us understand what you are expecting from us.  Please click on the icon which is a direct llink for the Enquête.
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Please feel free to forward it to friends by using the link provided in the newsletter.  You may also change contact details to keep us up to date on your details.  There is also an option of unsubscribing if you wish not to receive newsletters from us.


Issues with Chrome web browser.

This has been a problem recognised by Google that their Chrome browser is not yet fully compatible with Japanese language and some characters do not display correctly regardless of encoding settings selected and there are also line alignment issues.  Using Chrome browser when attempting to machine-translate the text or simply copy some texts from the Japanese websites may encounter complications.  JECC suggests other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari for the time being.

閲覧上のご注意: グーグル社のクロームブラウザが日本語に未だ旨く対応しておらず日本語ページの漢字の一部が中国漢字になったり又言語エンコーディングをちゃんと設定しても文字化けする事が有ります。  また日本語が正しくても改行が旨く表示されなかったりと課題が多いようですのでJECCとしては今のところ日本語や日本語を含む多国語ページの閲覧にはFirefox, Internet Explorer とSafariを推奨しています。

JECC is now accepting your promotional materials to be included in the welcome pack.

Dear future JECC members, sorry to let you wait for so long.  JECC is now accepting brochures, catalogues and other promotional materials from the potential members who wish to have such materials included in the welcome pack which will be distributed to the new members.  For more information please contact:

jecc.tallinn (at) gmail.com

Please note that this e-mail address is not permanent and will be replaced with the official one once JECC website is fully operational.


jecc.tallinn (at) gmail.com