EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Brussels

JECC will be introduced in the upcoming issue of the EU-Japan Newsletter due in June 2014.  The previous editions can be viewed here.
This newsletter has a circulation of 15,000 which will boost the number of relations with the business groups, Japanese chambers and institutions in other EU countries and also in Japan.

This means that the EU and Japanese businesses will contact JECC to find Estonian business partners.

JECC will be closely working with the EU-Japan Centre in Brussels which is a venture between the European Commission and the Japanese Government and it makes more sense for the Estonian businesses to get in touch with us for increased possibilities of finding more business contacts.  

For any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line - info@jecc.ee.  


EUの拠点であるベルギーのブリュッセルに本部を置く日欧産業協力センターの機関誌 EU-JAPAN NEWS 次号の中でJECCが紹介されます。 季刊で1万5千人の関係者の方々へ向けて配信されます。6月発信です。