Estonia's e-residency related article published on EU-Japan Centre Newsletter

While we are encouraging Estonian businesses to enter the Japanese market we are also building up a support structure to assist Japanese businesses to enter Estonia and the EU via Estonia's e-residency scheme which allows the Japanese firms to operate inside EU without physically having to open an office here.  This is not an e-commerce nor a visa scheme that allow them to enter Estonia and work freely.  

The status of the e-residents who established their own Estonian company remain "virtual" yet legally speaking they are Estonian companies once they successfully registered their activities. 

Currently we are in the late stage of formalising the list of services to the Japanese e-residents.  Our partner and JECC are making sure this process will go as smoothly and swiftly as possible and use of the service will be time- and cost-saving.

There is a summary of the e-residency scheme and the benefit for both Japanese and EU partners published in EU-Japan Centre's newsletter which you can download here:


このe-レジデンス制度ですがこれは日本の方でEUで会社を起業と運営を希望する場合にそれをe-レジデンスというバーチャルな市民権を取得する事によりそれを可能にし日本 又はそれ以外の地域に居ながら経営できる画期的なシステムです。