FICE meeting with the Minister of Finance 19 Jan 2016

On 19 January a JECC's financial and legal rep attended a meeting with the Financial Minister Mr Sven Sester as a part of FICE's negotiation with facilitating foreign investors and entrepreneurs to enter Estonian market:  https://www.facebook.com/rahandusministeerium/posts/1645190729074459

 Photo: Rahandusministeerium


FICE's meeting with the Minister of Entrepreneurship Mrs Liisa Oviir 12 Jan 2016

As a part of FICE - Foreign Investors' Council in Estonia - JECC attended a meeting with the Minister of Entrepreneurship Mrs Liisa Oviir at Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium on 12 Jan 2016.

We are there to discuss our suggestions in changes in the system to make Estonia a more attractive destination for the  foreign investors and foreign entrepreneurs.  

Facebook page of the event is here: https://www.facebook.com/majandusministeerium/posts/998626650183221

去る12日に在エストニア海外投資家協会の一員として当商工会議所もMajandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium(産業通信省)にてリーサ・オヴィール大臣との会合に参加しました。海外からエストニアへの投資や、エストニアでの起業の手続きをより簡潔にする事や、税制などの面での優遇策などの提案をし、これからもエストニアをより魅力的なビジネスの場とする為に協調し、アイデアの交換などを継続する事を確認しました。



JECC is now a member of FICE - 在エストニア海外投資家協会 

We at JECC wish you a prosperous new year!

JECC has joined FICE - Foreign Investors Council in Estonia.  We will have a stronger cooperation with the fellow foreign chambers, business clubs and marketing offices to promote businesses and investment in Estonia.

FICE has been the leading force in attracting foreign investment in Estonia and foreign talents by promoting tolerance and diversity in the business community and the Estonian society.

While JECC remains a non-political and non-governmental independent organisation with no funding from the governments we try to listen to the potential investors from Japan and those Japanese entrepreneurs who intend to start up a business in Estonia and deliver their message to the Estonian government to help them understand how to promote Estonia as a land of opportunity.

Info about FICE is here (external link).