Business Translation Service Available

(image source Wikimedia. Creative Commons Licensed)

We are pleased to inform you that we now offer business translation service for those who are looking for accurate and appropriate form of Japanese texts.  You can save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment caused by online translation tools.

The service includes but not limited to the following areas:

- contractual (purchase or lease agreements, terms and conditions)
- technical (instruction manuals, specification sheets)
- legal (court documents, privacy policies, disclaimer, guidelines)
- corporate and commercial webpages (incl. web shops)
- advertisements
- audio visual (subtitles for your video clips, interviews)

(image source Wikimedia. Creative Commons Licensed)

Our rate starts from 0.18 Euro per word, depending on the source language and the nature of the intended usage of the texts. The target language is limited to Japanese (standard business or legal). The covered source languages are: EE, EN, ES, FR, DE, and NL. Minimum fee per task is 300 Euro.  

We can also sign a NDA if required.  Please feel free to contact us.